Health Midwest System

Menorah Medical Center

Overland Park, Kansas

Size: 428,000 square feet
Managing Principal: Paul Tchoukaleff

The merging of Menorah Medical Center of Kansas City with Health Midwest System (currently HCA) occurred with the understanding that Menorah Medical Center would be closed and relocated to the recently completed Menorah Medical Park Ambulatory Care Center in Overland Park, Kansas. Menorah Medical Park consists of approximately 190,000 square feet of POB, Ancillary and Support Services. Bed projections for the inpatient component to be added range from 100 – 150.

While other institutions struggle to transform their inpatient-based facilities to accommodate the transition to outpatient services, Menorah Medical Park found itself in the unique position of supplementing a well-conceived Ambulatory Care Center with Inpatient Services.

To address this unique challenge, Health Midwest selected TKH and ACI Architects of Kansas City to program, master plan and schematically design the project. Completed plans identify the addition of 235,000 square feet of expanded POB, Ancillary Support and Diagnostic & Treatment space and 158 inpatient beds. Total project for the 158 bed facility (including the original ACC) consists of 317,000 square feet of Hospital space and 111,000 square feet of MOB. Menorah Medical Center  5721 W 119th St. Overland Park, KS  66209