TKH realizes the impact facility planning decisions can have on staffing and bottom line performance. TKH recommendations strive to encourage operational efficiencies and maximize the value of the construction dollar spent. Acting on behalf of the owner, TKH, assists in the procurement of services such as Architects, Engineers and Contractors.

The TKH planning process respects the valuable time of hospital administrators, physicians and staff, while developing project consensus.  Similar work activities to program management include conducting design team meetings, preparing schedules, maintaining budgets and administering contracts.

Since TKH has no financial interest in the continuation of the project, the client is assured that they will not be encouraged to proceed with a project before they are comfortable that action is in their best interest.

Services must ultimately provide increased value to the provider within competitive pricing of traditional design and construction delivery methods. As continual financial pressures are applied to the healthcare delivery system, new services and methods must be developed to maximize the value of capital expenditures.  The application of independent planning and design services offers new options for achieving competitiveness in the design and construction marketplace.

We are sensitive to the continual financial pressures that are being applied to the healthcare industry and are attuned to the significant changes in services, reimbursement, technological innovations and demand for patient convenience and amenities.